Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We drove Dave to work.

We killed a little time. We tried to call my mom for a hangout but she didn't answer. Then Ella tried to call her about 10 more times.

We went for a run.  I walked home versus running.  My plantar fasciitis is acting up and my feet sure hurt.

Then I rushed to go to a music time thing with Marie's church. It started at 10 not 10:15 then I didn't know where to go and then the first 2 doors we tried were locked. So we ended up 30 minutes late for a 45 minute thing. Ella loved the last 15 minutes though. She liked the songs. She liked dancing around. She loved the parachute.

After it was all over, she had fun playing the piano with Clara.

We headed to Daily Donuts right after since it was so close. I got a dozen donuts. While I was there, Gio wanted to meet for lunch so I decided to do that.  We met at Pearl's Cafe. I got a rice bowl with chicken. That thing was huge.  Ella did a good job eating rice but didn't want the chicken.

Ella signed to go to the potty when she was at lunch. She wanted to go into the bathroom. She got in there and didn't go. She was so excited.  She kept squealing.  It was so loud.  When we left the bathroom, Gio said she could hear Ella.  Ella didn't pee. Then I tried to put her back in her high chair and Ella freaked out that she had to go bathroom. I asked if she wanted to go to the car to use her potty. She nodded. I took her to the car and she peed in her potty right away.  For the first few hours of the day when we were out and about she was in her underwear but then at Daily Donuts I asked if I could put a pullup on her since I knew we were going out more. She nodded. But then she kept that dry. I was so proud.

She napped shortly after we got home.

We went to Panda Express for dinner and I had chicken with rice again.  Ella ate a ton of my rice. She didn't want the chicken again. She liked the teriyaki sauce on it.   We went out to dinner because it was so hot at home.

We got Yogurt Land after. Ella sat like a big girl and ate it.  Once she was done Dave told her to put the spoon in the bowl. She did but then took it right back out. So then he said to put it in the bowl and drop it. So she put it in the bowl then picked it up and dropped it on the floor. She is too cute sometimes.

After dinner Ella wants a sip of Dave's drink. Then he says 1 sip. She argues "two" he says "one sip" she says "two" over and over until he says "fine 2". Then she took 2 sips and was done.  She's negotiating early.


  1. Aw I love her hat and her pig tails. Thank goodness for the travel potty. You sure use that a lot.

    1. Yes. But our lives would be easier if she would just use a public restroom!