Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Ella is always pretending to be me and wants to use my computer.

 Ella is so proud of what she did here. She got the cup to balance upside down IN her yogurt. How amazing! haha.
She sat in here for a good 5 minutes. I didn't move the basket or anything.

 I told her she's not making safe choices.
 She has her purse an an old hat of mine. I never wore it. A friend gave it to me at the end of college.

Oh there she is back to her new hat. She couldn't leave home without it or her purse.

She thinks to play catch she has to stand on the ottoman.

We had Marie, Clara, and Landes over for dinner. We said the dads had to see the kids interact.  We ended up having to wake Ella up from her nap so she was a bit cranky at eating dinner.

I did all the cooking and kind of messed up the burgers. Some caught on fire and those ones had very crispy onion things instead of nice tasty onion onion. (Tastefully simple calls their onion stuff onion onion and it is normally so good but if it catches fire then it's like little rocks.)

There was lots of playing but not a lot of pictures. I took 2. I can't believe I only took 2 and this was the better of the 2. They were playing in the play house.
I'm really glad Landes and Dave got to see Marie and Clara play. Also, I was glad they got to talk. Too bad they moved away :(


  1. She's so cute with wanting to wear her hat and purse.

    1. Thanks. It lasted about s month but now she never wants her purse.