Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 Ella enjoys her high tops!

 Ella's highlight of her day is getting to walk Ruby.

 Then we went to music makers.

I couldn't find Ella's purse so I let her use one of mine.

 Clara came over to play afterwards.

During nap I took a few pictures trying to get a good shot that showed me flexing. I managed 1. Most had me not in focus.

 I got dressed up to go out.

We went to BJ's for dinner. I feel like we were also at google for a bit but there aren't pictures so maybe we weren't.

Ella loved my soup.

 She liked the broccoli cheddar soup and the bread bowl. I think I barely got to eat any.

 Just hanging out while Dave builds a new computer.

He explained to her what touching meant. She then learned the word touch. But he explained it when explaining wireless to her.


  1. The bib in the first few pictures is funny. Still love her in pigtails!

    1. She did it herself. She is often finding the baby bibs and wearing them. She wears them more than she did as a baby.