Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Ella woke up at 7 like clockwork.

We went for our 9 AM run.  We played at the park after.

We came home, ate, and had a hangout with my mom.

Ella napped for 3.5 hours. The time flew. I did some stuff on my computer, cleaned, and did cize. I wanted to do more cleaning and more on the computer.  I keep getting distracted with facebook. At least I'm only co-leading 2 challenge groups right now. The third one I was leading by myself is over.

After dinner, Ella and I hung out and stuff.  I made brownies. Then I went to Safeway to buy ice cream. I did all this instead of make dinner.   I picked Dave up right after Safeway. The timer went off for my brownies when I was driving down my street. They were perfectly cooked.   Ella enjoyed her brownies and ice cream but saw the chocolate syrup and wanted that. I didn't like the ice cream. I almost bought vanilla and should have.

Since we picked Dave up early we had some hanging out time after dinner and before bed.  Ella didn't want to go to bed. She is queen of the stalling.

 oops pic is sidways. Ella tried to squeeze into their stroller under the infant carrier.

 Ella likes cleaning the walls ever since she colored on them and watched me clean them.

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