Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I'm guessing Ella peed on the bed and that's why I'm changing the sheets because otherwise I never change the sheets! It's been a few months so I can't remember.

We went for our Monday run.  It was a holiday so Beth got to come. I brought the double.  At first I pushed but then Beth pushed it and I pushed Marie's stroller since we were running at a faster than normal pace.

 There was a lot of playing after.

 We had to get some pictures since 3 running shirts were worn!

Then I made one into a graphic for one of my challenge groups. This was encouragement to workout. You will workout more if you make it fun! We make it fun with our kids!

 Ella is always hanging from the bar at the top of the slide.

 Ella is messy when she eats.

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