Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dave's Dad and step mom were visiting so we went to San Francisco.  We got to eat at Eagle Cafe. Ella was such a good eater.  We walked around a bit and looked at the scenery.  Ella had a blast like always.  We took the boat ride. That's Dave's favorite thing.  It was so hot. I was dying. I was holding Ella and her bag so I had a lot of extra things to make me so hot.  Ella was tired so near the end of the boat ride, we went to the main level and just paced around. She was almost falling asleep.

At breakfast, Ella asked to go potty. She wouldn't go in the public restroom. I took her back to the car and she went in her travel potty! She was good. Then I figured out how to have her travel potty with us on the stroller. She didn't need it anymore though.

 I took a selfie in from of the sea lion statue to show I was there too.
Grandpa bought Ella a hat since she was such a fan.

 Dave already borrowed Ella's new hat.

We went to Tia Juana's for dinner. Dave loves their food.


  1. This looks like a great day!

    1. it was. Even with the heat! SF is always cool...except when we went.
      Ella was pointing out stuff and loving it too.