Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I took Ella shoe shopping.

She wanted rain boots so bad. They ere a few sizes too big and they didn't have any in her size. She kept wanting some though.
 She tried a different pair that were even bigger.
Here she is pointing out other shoes she wants to try on.  I had some trouble finding her shoes that fit right so I got her 1 pair of dress shoes that were a little big.
Then we headed to Target. I wanted to get her a purse. We looked in the toy section.
Ella found other things but nothing I was willing to buy her.

Then through all the construction, I found a small section that had a few little purses. While picking out a purse she saw a hat. She really wanted it.

She ended up leaving with a new purse and a new hat!

Boy did she love her purchases.
Once we were done shopping we went to Lori and Neil's hotel pool and we did some swimming. Ella had fun.

We walked a little down the street and went to KFC for lunch. It surprisingly hit the spot.  We thought of going somewhere they don't have in Philadelphia but it was just down the street so we went there.

 Ella had a nap then we all went to dinner. We picked Dave up then headed to In N Out for dinner.

Ella climbed right up with Lori with her books to get read to. 

typo in my notes but I didn't remake it. Quite the slacker THIS year too!


  1. I love how she is so excited about accessorizing. I wish Parker would get that excited about clothes and accessories/shoes. Haha

    1. It is nice but then somedays she is very particular about her clothes and will refuse to wear things. That gets annoying.