Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ella's Christmas Gifts 2015

Ella got some gifts! She got more than this. I forgot some things. Or they weren't easily accessible on amazon so I didn't include them.  I took actual pictures of all her presents but if I wait to make a collage of the ones I didn't include, this post will never get made.
(The Etch a Sketch  and the Wiki Sticks were birthday gifts. I put them in here by mistake.)
Ella loves everything. She plays with some more than others but she jumps around to what she uses.
The scooter, legos, and duplos were not bought new.

The train is a big hit. It was actually a gift last year then we thought she was too little to deal with tracks. So it was going to be a half birthday gift but then we forgot. So now it's her gift this year.

Merry Christmas Ella!  She made out like a bandit.
She helped us open our gifts too. That was fun. My favorite was when she opened Dave's Kindle and we asked her what it was. She said books. We asked how many books and she said "a lot."


  1. Those purple boots are my fave. SO cute.

    1. She loves them and has worn them all but 1 time she had on shoes since. She likes the "pom poms" on them. She broke one pom pom off and was so so sad so I had her watch me sew it back on. Thens he was better.