Friday, January 29, 2016


Once we were at my parents house, Ella played. She loved all the clocks in the house.

I finally napped near 10 am. My fitbit says my I slept 1:38. That wasn't nearly long enough. My mom was with Ella but Ella fell asleep shortly after I was asleep. She saw I was asleep so she figured she could. She also had about a 9 hour deficit of sleep too.  She fell asleep with my mom holding her.  Eventually my mom put her down on the couch and she napped there the rest of the time.

Dave napped 5 hours or is it slept that long.   Ella slept about 5 hours, too.

We went to K-Vay's for dinner.  Service was so slow. We were there extremely late. Ella ended up napping on the way home for 5 minutes and that was all the way near 9 pm.

We had so many issues getting apps to work as baby monitors. It took forever. We tried so hard. I was so frustrated. Even the apps we pay for were not working. Or they would work then fail at working.

I was so so tired. I didn't even get 2 total hours of sleep for an entire night's sleep.

I went to sleep around 11. Dave was up until about midnight.

 Ella tried on some old Halloween Costumes.

 And an old dress of mine that my mom made.
We showed her the little potty we borrowed. She loved the thing and tried to carry it everywhere.

 Ella had fun running around in the yard.

 Ella's first coffee!


  1. Was that really coffee? lol. I love the couch sleeping pictures. So precious.

    1. Yes! Pretty sure it was cold. Black. It was my mom's.