Friday, January 1, 2016


 2 two brushes.
 I took Ella out to breakfast.

 Then we went to the park. It was sprinkling but we still went.

 Ella sat on a big swing for the first one.

 She actually napped before preschool. Then I had to wake her up.

After preschool we went to Marie's to pick up the cake. She started making me a cake but the icing wasn't done by the time we were back from dinner on my birthday.  It was an Oreo Cake. I didn't take a picture I guess. (Or I did but a different day)
I'm not sure what the deal was here! Ella was upset about something.


  1. An oreo cake sounds delish! This makes me miss warm weather :(

    1. Dave and Ella liked it a lot. Dave thought it was one of the best cakes. It was chocolate cake so I didn't like it. I had 2 bites total. It's a bummer I don't like chocolate things sometimes.

    2. Oh my gosh I'm the exact same way about chocolate stuff. It gets too rich for me.

    3. Even if it's not too rich, I'm not a big chocolate person in general. My friend made a peanut butter cake last year for Ella's birthday. But she went ahead and put a fudge layer between the peanut butter cake layers. I didn't eat it. I couldn't handle more than 2 bites of it.