Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I set my alarm for 7:35. I thought if by chance Ella was still sleeping then she'd wake up any minute and then I'd have trouble getting us both ready to drive Dave to work and then to run. Well she slept until 9:21. She woke up once and talked a little and went back to sleep. This has got to be some record!

We went for our run and did some talking. Ella likes when she gets to walk Ruby when we talk at Diana's.

Dave missed Ella so then he asked if we wanted to go to lunch. We went to Outback. Ella sat in a booster for the first time to eat. She did sit in a booster at BJ's when she was little wee but that was before she was eating. She was also in a strapped in booster seat that time. Ella was very good for 90% of the meal and then she had too much.  Dave was done eating so he took her and colored with her while I finished eating. I would have had more soup from my unlimited soup and salad but he would never come over. Ella loved my food. I didn't feel bad letting her eat it since she had a meal and didn't eat it and I ate her meal.

Ella napped after we were home a bit. She napped for awhile and I did not do a second workout so I got to blog a bit. I'm so behind.

We went to get Dave but hung out at work and then it ended up being so late. We tried to go to Taco Bell on the way home but the line was too long. We got Jack in the Box.  We didn't even start eating until after 8 PM.  Ella didn't get into bed until late. She was almost asleep but then after 20 minutes stood up and cried. So I went in thinking she had to go potty but she just used that to get out of her crib. She didn't fall asleep until almost 11.


  1. Awesome she slept in, but not awesome she stayed up late. This is the struggle. I love seeing pictures of Poly!

    1. Some of her friends sleep so much more than she does. But I guess Ella probably does something those parents are jealous of too.

      I should try to include more. I have pictures of her everyday.