Saturday, January 23, 2016


Ella woke up at 8:45. She slept over 13 hours with only briefly being awake when she was being transferred from the car to her crib!

We left a little before 9 and dropped Dave off at work (well partway), then we went to pickup some pullups I bought on a buy sell swap page. We went to gymnastics and were a few minutes late. I guess I didn't allot enough time.
After gymnastics, it was straight to the grocery store. I got home and had 3 minutes to put things away before Marie/Clara showed up. I didn't even have time to clean up the mess.

They hung out for awhile. It was supposed to be nap time but neither would sleep so I got them both out and we played. Marie came back and we all hung out more.

Marie left at 3 and we immediately left to walk to Googleween (separate post). Ella fell asleep on the way and slept for a half hour or so.  Then she sort of tried to enjoy herself. They were out of food and lines were too long so she missed out on a lot. She liked the live music and danced all around though.  It was over at 5:20 and when the music stopped, Ella cried.

We had to walk home. Dave walks so slow so it took forever.  We got home near 6:20. About 20 minutes later, I finally got pizza ordered.   Dave was dead on the couch and I was running around doing this or that and dealing with Ella.

We ate pizza. Ella barely ate it, then I asked her if she wanted fruit. She ate so many strawberries. We ran out and she wanted more. I only bought the container earlier that day. Ella and I had dessert cereal.

After dinner, Ella insisted she needed a bath. I didn't want to give her one. But Ella had put milk from her cereal on her head. She knew she'd have to get a bath then. So she got one!  Then she hung out on the couch with Dave watching commentary about the debate.   We didn't even start bedtime routine until about 9.   She fell asleep around 9:50.  Dave and I watched Mad Med and I was so tired so we only watched 1 and went to sleep.


  1. Clever girl pouring milk on herself to get a bath. How do you like Mad Men? We really loved that show.

  2. We like it. Don't watch it that much now that Ella won't sleep. We were going through phases. Like a few episodes a night for a week. Then nothing for a week