Sunday, January 17, 2016


Ella slept in again!  I had to wake her up so we could get to our run.  We were actually 5 minutes late. She wanted to sit on the potty so that took extra time. She even peed but kept wanting to sit.

We ran 4 miles. There were 5 of us.  Then we played for a bit. Somehow I felt like we were barely there at all to play but it was still after 11 when we left.

We did our  normal stuff at home. Ella seemed tired. But then wouldn't sleep. She is far too good at standing in her crib and yelling "mommy mommy mommy" so then I ended up getting her. An hour later we tried again and that failed.  So then we went to a picnic from the meetup group. We stayed there almost 2 hours. Ella is constantly on the go. She loves playing.

Ella fell asleep on the way home. I sat in the car 25 minutes so she ended up napping a half hour. She woke up herself.

Then the evening was a little bit rough.  I tried to do a cize workout. Ella was sitting on the couch watching and then she got down to join me. But she touched the controller and I couldn't get it back to playing plus it was time for dinner so I just did 15 minutes instead of 35. But 15 is better than nothing.

We had leftovers for dinner.

Again Ella wouldn't go to sleep. I ended up getting her out of her crib. After a lot time we figured out she needed a teether. We also gave her Tylenol. Finally she was starting to be happy.  She didn't fall asleep until near 11 PM!  I was exhausted.  We watched 1 TV show and then it was over and instead of going to bed, I just fell asleep right there on the couch. I'm pretty sure Dave did the same thing.

It's insane how exhausted I was after a day without Ella having a nap.


  1. Love the side pony tail. I can't believe she didn't nap and still didn't sleep till 11. That is crazy.

    1. she's a little bugger that's what she is!

    2. Also i went back to see how I looked with a side ponytail then realized it was Ella.