Monday, January 25, 2016


I did a tough run of half mile repeats.

 Ella had gymnastics.

 After gymnastics we went right to the park.

 I leave Ella alone for a couple seconds and come back to this.

Then she was yelling it was in her eyes. She was not a happy camper. We had to do a bath then finish eating.

I got so distracted during this that we were late getting to Divya's for a play date.

 Marie and Clara were there too. Arya was there but isn't pictured here.
Ella asked to use the potty once and realized she got to go upstairs and then it was a non stop battle with her running up the stairs.

Here's Poly. I often take 1-2 pictures of her in a day but forget to include them on here. I usually only post 10% or less of the pictures I take so Poly doesn't make the cut. Poor Poly.


  1. I like seeing Poly. Ella looks so pretty in her white headband.

    1. I've been trying to include more apply since you like her :)