Thursday, May 7, 2015


We ran in the morning. Ella did not nap during the run but looked like she might.

Then she napped on me for 30 minutes later.  This messed everything up.  She was very clingy. I tried to clean up and play with her and I spent forever cleaning and made what seemed like 0 progress.

She napped later but only on me!  At one point I was trying to get her to fall back to sleep so I closed my eyes to try to trick her. I opened them and she was staring at me so I decided to leave them closed for longer. I woke up an hour later. Actually we both woke up to Poly meowing at us.

I had to pick Dave up. We picked up dinner from Jack in the Box. That's the third time ever that we've gotten it.

I was complaining to Dave how this place is a mess and he doesn't help clean. I said last week he was helping watch Ella after dinner but this week she's been so whiney and complaining and she wants me so I can't even get the dining room table cleaned up.  He said "You should know by now that I don't clean on the weeknights because I'm busy working all day and I don't clean up on the weekends because that's my day off."  I will have you know that is way more true than it should be and it makes me mad.

I even had a heck of a time getting him to watch Ella while I filled her tub. Actually she came in and was tugging on the tub. I couldn't get the tub down with her there and couldn't pick her up because the tub wouldn't balance so I was yelling for him. He said she wanted to come to me so he let her!

After I got her to sleep, I planned for my Stampin' Up class.  Then we watched TV. Dave fell asleep during it again. We started a new show, The Strain, because we got caught up in State of Affairs. I'm not sure I like it but we didn't even finish the first episode. Then I went to watch White Collar. I was only going to watch one but there were 2 left in the series so I watched both.

For the third night in a row Ella went to sleep without crying. She was awake 20 minutes, 33 minutes, and 17 minutes in the crib without even crying.  The night before that she cried a lot and fell asleep and woke back up and repeat!

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