Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Exercise (Miles)

I ran more miles in 2015 than I ever ran in a year before!!!
I'm bummed about December but I really did do an awesome job all year.
I ran 1 10k, 2 5ks, and 2 half marathons this year as well. I set a new half marathon PR of 1:58:51.  I ran both 5ks with a stroller so that was new. One 5k I even pushed a double jogger!

Here's my weekly summary for 2015. It's hard to read because It's a screen shot and it was so hard to get all of the weeks on 1 page.  I can't believe I ran 27 miles in a week once! (Some weeks span 2014 or 2016 but there is no date from the others years. I just thought I'd clarify.)

I was so proud of the data until November hit and I barely made that goal. Then December sucked so bad that in my mind it takes away from the rest of the year.
I made this file with the monthly miles I ran each year.  Then I bolded the month year with the most. Then as I added 2015, I bolded that if it was higher. I didn't unbold the old number. I did like how 6 months in a row I set new maximums.

In 2015, I barely lifted. In 2016, when creating my goals, I will add goals about that.  When I created my 2015 goals, I was not doing any beachbody programs and I love incorporating those. I want goals about those too. My running friends aren't available to run as much as they used to. Now with Ella's busy schedule, I'm also not able to run as much.  So my goals with also account for that. 2016 already started but I haven't made my goals yet.

How did you do in 2015?

Here's my 2014 summary.


  1. Wow you knocked it out of the park this year! Way to go!

    1. Thanks. My goals were tough the first few months. Then I started doing long runs on weekends and it really made me run a lot more. I really like the year to year comparison because it shows that my goals were really on par and not super low.

  2. Great job for 2015.
    Wife and I have big running goals for this coming year cause 2015 had health issues slow us down.