Friday, January 1, 2016

November 2015 Exercise

My goal is 38 miles. I had been getting way over 38 so I was bummed by only hitting 39.69 miles. I got sick so the end of the month didn't happen. (.03 was actually on 11/26)

Near the beginning of the month I sacrificed exercise to make Christmas cards and cards to sell at a bazaar. I barely sold any so that time was not worth it.

At least I made my goal I guess.

I probably did other things like Cize but I can't find my calendar to see what I wrote down.  I did a 7 day mix it up challenge where we did different things that took about 5 minutes to do. I had to come up with that and record the videos then do the 7 days worth.
A few times my garmin didn't work and I had to use mapmyrun. I find it hard to believe I had so many days with exactly whole numbers for miles. I should go back and check that. Well those were days the garmin didn't work or I had exact numbers on Garmin. I guess they are right.

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