Sunday, February 7, 2016


Ella woke up around 7:30 like always. I want her to sleep in even more!

We only partially drove Dave to work. He got to get a walk in.    I got home and just ran inside and grab a few things. We left for gymnastics a few minutes early but I didn't want to get her out of the car then back in.
We arrived early and Ella sat there so well. There were these velcro signs on the floor and one did say squats. Ella would stand on it and squat. She was so cute.

Ella did so well at gymnastics. The first course was all balance beams. The second course she didn't do so well. It was the bars and rings.  She had lost interest. There were only 3 kids there and the other 2 didn't do things they were supposed to so Ella didn't want to either.  Ella did do a few things on her own this time. She's getting better. Too bad now sometimes she thinks she can get away without doing the appropriate thing and instead of trying the warmups she does some and then tries to run around the room.  For most of the class Ella held her medal from her Tot Trot. She had a little trouble holding on to the bars and holding her medal.    For the first time she used the parallel bars and held on to one and had her feet on the other and held herself up without any support!  Ella practiced her dismounts too. She has improved at jumping so now that's more fun for her.  Class is 45 minutes long and she would probably do better with a half hour. She tends to be over it by the time it's over.

little bugger crawled under the trampoline

We went to Safeway after gymnastics. I didn't have a list and just came up with something to cook while I was there.

Once we were done I texted Dave asking if he wanted company for lunch.
He did so I ran home and put the groceries away then we left to get him.  We went to Tech Corners because he seems to think that's the best place. I miss going to Charlie's or Masa.   We still had some fun. Ella really enjoyed getting to see daddy. She ate in booster seat versus a high chair. She was good for a bit but then kept getting up. She was cut off after that.

After we ate, we did some swinging. She really enjoyed swinging next to mommy and then swinging next to daddy.  She was pumping. We were explaining it to her. She'd do really well about 6 times in a row and then she wouldn't do it but then she'd start up again.

 Finally we were back home. She wasn't back inside from about 9 to about 1. As soon as we got home, I put her on the potty. She went a lot. She had held it. What a good girl.  I had put her on her travel potty at one point but she didn't go.

We did a quick google hangout with my mom to tell her how good Ella was with the potty and talk a bit about the day. Ella said bye so I figured she was ready.  Then she wanted a banana. I'm shocked how much she ate. I left it in the peel so I think she enjoyed it more.
 We cuddled in bed and used our ipads after she snacked.  It was Ella's idea and she gave me my iPad.  We hung out. She sat in my arm.  I was half dozing off. She would try to tap my solitaire to try to play and got happy when she tapped something and it moved.   We hung out for a half hour. She should have gone into her crib sooner but she never cuddles with me like that so I stuck with her and time flew.

When I put her in her crib, she was asleep almost right away.  It was her best fall asleep in her crib experience in awhile.
I made more cards and cooked while she napped.  She woke up and I wasn't done cooking.   I got cooking to the point of simmering the soup and went to pick Dave up.   I ate 4 bowls of soup. I had 3 of those bowls after everyone was done eating. I was just finishing up dinner at 8 pm!
Ella was hanging out on the couch with Dave when I was eating.  She was very upset when it was time for bed.  She did not want to go. She wanted to use her iPad. She wanted to do anything but sleep really.

It took her well over an hour to fall asleep in her crib. She didn't even cry but she was just awake for a long time.

Dave and I watched TV and then I just watched TV.  I stayed up entirely too late. I watched Jane the Virgin, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. (2 episodes of Chicago Fire.)  I can't believe they are starting another spinoff.  First Chicago PD was a spinoff of Chicago Fire. Now Chicago Med is a spinoff of both of those.  I'm shocked at the amount of crossover is on Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. I'm also shocked that with all the crossover that the brother and sister (one from each show) are barely on the other show. Now a brother from Chicago PD is a doctor on Chicago PD. He's going to be a main character on Chicago Med.  So much crossover.  Also a couple dating one is from PD and one is from Fire.   So nuts. I love it.  But with all the cross over I make sure I watch them in the order they air so I alternate between the shows.  

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