Monday, February 8, 2016


I set my alarm for 7:20 and was so tired and didn't want to get up. I was also so sore that I didn't want to move.  Ella woke up shortly after too. I had hit snooze but she woke up before it even went off.   I really didn't want to move so I got a late start getting up. Also, with Ella awake, it took longer than my plan. I thought she'd sleep in since she was up super late.

I had to hurry. I had to bike to pick up the car. I left and the tires were too low. I thought I filled them but I have a lot of issues getting the bike pump on correctly.  I went back home and finally got them pumped. That took a lot of time.  I biked the to Ford Dealer. I went the long way to be on less busy roads. I hit so many lights red. With the lights it took me 38  minutes to bike a little over 6.5 miles.

Picking up the car seemed to take longer than it should have too.

Then I was in a real hurry. I rushed home, changed my clothes, loaded the car, and headed to the MVPA Holiday Bazaar. I had to double park and get my stuff out of the car. Then I went to park. I got in there around 9:45 and still had to set up. We were supposed to show up between 9 and 9:30.   I got my table set up. It was a tight squeeze.  I couldn't get out from behind my table without walking behind another table too. There wasn't enough room to pull my chair out to sit because my table was right in front of the fire place.

I wasn't fully set up by 10 when it started but it was set up enough.

Traffic was pretty slow all day. I spent more than I made. I had to check out some other vendors.

I hadn't eaten and didn't have food with me and was standing. So it was a little rough. Luckily there was a bake sale. I bought some zucchini bread.

It was over at 2 and I headed out with the card packed up by 2:30.   I picked up Panera on the way home.

Dave got Ella to nap. They did pretty well together. He didn't send me any pictures of her. I asked what he fed her for lunch. He said he didn't feed her and she fed herself. She'd bring him snacks and he'd tell her she needed a snack cup so she went and got it.   She even went over to him and put her head on him. She was ready for a nap. She didn't cry in her crib either. After a little bit though she had to go potty so then Dave went in and then she was back in her crib. He said she wanted me to come home.

Ella napped pretty late.  I was cleaning up my stampin' supplies very quietly not to wake her.

We had leftover Panera for dinner and Dave made himself canned soup.  We hung out and watched some TV.

After Ella was in bed, Dave and I watched Taken. I didn't fall asleep during this movie so that's 2 in a row I stayed awake for.  But right after it was over, I fell asleep on the couch.
For some reason I lack in pictures of the day even though I know i took a ton. Here is a photo of my card table at the bazaar.

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