Friday, February 12, 2016


Summary: Run, Dance Party, lunch, no nap, Potluck + Crafts, dinner, play, sleep (Stampin' Up class for me)

Ella woke up around 7:30. I was shocked. She was still up at 12:30. But she did sleep about 4 hours in the late evening. I just wanted her to sleep in more.

We went running with Diana at 9. Before we went running I had to clean hardcore. I was so busy cleaning and putting things away that I got annoyed when Dave said it was time for breakfast. 5th day in a row of waiting on him for everything is really annoying. Trying to do other stuff and being interrupted really takes it's toll on me.   I had cleaned the night before too so it wasn't so bad.

We ran and then hung out talking to Diana after. Ella likes to walk Ruby.

I got home and cleaned a bit. Ella had a snack too.

Then we headed to a meetup at someone's house. It was a dance party. There was a lot of playing and not a lot of dancing then there was a lot of dancing. Ella was having fun but we had to get home to eat lunch. We left there around noon. Ella was trying to negotiate with me saying "one more" so she could hear another song.  It was such a fun time for Ella.

Then we got home and she barely wanted to eat. Then she was playing on her iPad. I was so tired. I took an 8 minute nap and just crashed on the bed.  Then it was time to put Ella down for a nap.

That failed!  I put her down and went to get a shower since I cannot shower any other time. I even had 2 workouts since I last showered. I was feeling pretty gross.  I get out of the shower and see Ella threw every single thing in her crib out.  I go in and find out that she pooped, pulled down her pants a little, and got to smearing the poop around.  Oh the awfulness.  On our run earlier I was telling Diana how prior to her nap on Thursday she pooped, took off her pants and pullup, and the poop was around the crib. Diana mentioned that that is better than smearing it all around. I guess Ella heard about smearing and decided to give it a try.

I was supposed to cook for a potluck for a mom group but there was just no way. I posted that I had to cancel. (34 moms total so missing my food wouldn't be a big deal) Well moms chimed in saying we can come anyway without bringing my food and maybe the break would be good for me/Ella.  So we ended up going near 3:30.  Ella was snacking first at home so I let her finish.  Well actually she was starting to doze off in her high chair. I thought it would be perfect and she could sleep in her crib. Well I decided to take off her shoes and she flipped out. So then no nap for her.

Ella did have a good time. She was playing. She wanted to eat some food. She liked it.  She did an art project, too.

We left around 4:30 or maybe a little later.  I hoped she'd fall asleep on the way home but she didn't.  Then I went to go pick-up dinner. I hoped she'd fall asleep but Jack in the Box was too close so she didn't.   She ate a little but mainly didn't want to eat. She was miserable.   Then she just used her iPad.  around 6:45, we put her in her crib to go to sleep. She was actually asleep at 6:59.  That was so nice!

My stampin' up class started at 7. I can't even believe we made 9 cards and it was over before 8:30. Talk about being quick.   Then it was over and I thought I could finally relax. Then I remembered laundry was in the dryer. I had to fold that.  Then I had to do a few other things. Then I finally got to relax. Dave and I started watching TV but I ended up falling asleep.    We have been watching Mad Men because we can only watch Netflix or HBO Go from the bedroom so we can't watch our normal shows that we record.

All day I kept saying how I had to take Ella's weight and height measurements for her 23 month birthday. But I kept not getting to it. After she was asleep that's when I realized I never took her monthly photos either.

It was pretty much an awful day. At least the card class made it end on a good note.

 Little bugger in the office

Ella is hiding

 Not hiding!

 Someone else brought the scooter and Ella got the helmet and put it on herself to try out the scooter.

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