Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I woke up when Ella woke up around 7:30. I was so sick. My nose just ran constantly. I was sneezing a lot. I got her to cuddle in bed with her iPad while I could rest. The more I moved, the more my nose ran.

Ella was so bad later. She just kept doing things she wasn't supposed to. I went to bed to lie down and put Dave in charge. I could hear him yelling at her. Then I went in and we cuddled on the couch a little. She'd get up and get into stuff she shouldn't though.

We fed her lunch. She was throwing food and having temper tantrums. She only ate when we gave her 1 bite at a time off our plates then she ate a little.

Ella napped!  I napped for 10 minutes while she was falling asleep. She started to cry so I told Dave maybe she pooped so he ran in and she did. He got there before she tried to take off her pants and pullup so that was good.  10 minutes was not a long enough nap for me.

I wanted to nap more but didn't because of the Steeler game. It was so annoying because there were numerous bad ref calls that specifically led to the other team getting points.

Ella woke up before it was over and we finished watching together. Then there was some playing in the living room, dinner, and then it was bedtime. We started bedtime routine at 8. She didn't fall asleep until after 10 though.  Dave and I stayed up later. We watched Man in the High Tower. Then 1 episode of Big Bang Theory. Then it was bedtime and I watched Better off Ted on Netflix. I don't like that show so it's great because I fall right to sleep.

Ella helped pick out our blankets. Well she actually picked. And we still use them!

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