Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We went to Target in the morning. We got Panera and ate it before going in to Target.  Ella kept telling me she was "done" before we even left the dollar section.

Dave wanted to be home by 10 but it was more like 10:45. He watched the Steeler game (on delay so he didn't miss any).  I put away the groceries and then Ella and I did a google hangout with Marie and Clara.  Ella and Clara were so happy to see each other. They kept squealing with excitement.  We didn't stay on long because they had to get ready for church.

Ella would cheer during the football game when Dave was cheering. That was cute. But then when he was yelling and mad, she'd start crying.  It was so sad. She'd take Dave's emotions and just do them multiplied by 10  or maybe by 100.   She was also tired but kept wanting to do this or that.

Finally she napped.  I stamped the backs of cards of practically the entire nap. I was stamping the hand made by stamp on the back. I did do some organization.

After nap, we did a quick hangout with my parents.  Then we headed the the hardware store. While we were out we thought we should have dinner. We went to Pizza Studio.  Ella is getting better at restaurants. I think she likes food that she uses a fork or spoon on better than finger foods like sandwiches or pizza though.   We went to Safeway right after.

Ella rode in a car cart so she did better than when she has to just sit in the cart.

We got home so late, she hung out. We let her stay up too late. She was playing on her ipad. Dave set it up that youtube kids would stop working after 5 minutes.  He said it made him want to cry. She looked so sad once it stopped working. But then the tricky bugger she is just closed that app and opened another one that would work.

We watched Fruitvale Station after Ella went to sleep. I actually didn't fall asleep.  The movie was a bit sad. Dave actually wanted to go in and hug Ella so he did. She slept through it.

After the movie was over I opened my laptop and just ended up talking to Gio instead of doing anything productive.

 She put baby doll down to change her diaper.

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