Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Ella woke up and hung out in bed like normal. Dave took the car to work since I'm too sick to go anywhere. Ella likes to wave bye and say "bye daddy" to him.  We did a lot of iPad hanging out. Being sick is awful. Having no voice is really hard.

We did a google hangout with my mom and she talked to Ella. I would type to her sometimes to tell her things. She said she didn't realize how much I talk on a hangout until I'm not talking.

At one point I hear the doorbell, I'm in bed and getting up. In that time the door starts opening. It was the landlord. He thought nobody was home since the car is gone. He has to get in the house to turn on the light switch so an outlet outside works. It's quite annoying about this outlet and quite annoying the door was opening before I even made it to the door. I could have been indecent! I also didn't know he was coming. The old gardeners never had to use the outlet and made it work and they came at a consistent time but for some reason the landlord thought they weren't coming so he decided to garden himself with 1 handyman at inconsistent times.

Ella stood at the bathroom sink spraying her hair for a good 20 minutes. She'd spray it then brush it or comb it. She did this just like daddy even sometimes she would get out his comb and say "Daddy's comb" then comb her hair. At least she was content there.  Near the end she slowly fell off the stool. I can't believe how slow it seemed but she still hit her head off the ceramic tile.

Around noon my friend, Jen called me. I had just had some hot tea and my voice was a little better than it had been all day. I talked a little bit. It hurt to talk but we haven't talked on the phone in probably 3 years.  Afterwards I was back to having absolutely no vice again.

Ella was getting bad. She'd even acknowledge that I was going to put her in a time out and giggle and do the bad things anyway. She threw a gatorade at me when I wouldn't open it for her. I poured gatorade in a sippy cup but she did not want that and kept trying to throw it, too. She knocked over a lamp. She just did things like that for awhile.

Before nap, there was a knock at the door. I went to check it out and it was Diana dropping off some food for me.  I was there talking a couple minutes.  I use the word talking loosely because I had no voice. Ella then joined us. She was on the couch beside me with her iPad. Well after I get back to the couch I realize I left my hot tea unattended and she spilled it.

I tried to get Ella to nap. She was in her crib but then crawled out and came out to greet me. She said potty and kept sitting on different potties but she never went. She just knows that's the only thing that lets her stall.   Finally she went to sleep near 3:30. It was a late nap but I needed her to nap. I was ready to die.

She slept almost 4 hours. I woke her up. Dave ordered pizza and I ate that then showered before waking her. It was quite late.  Ella just wanted to chill in her high chair and use her iPad all evening. I kind of wanted Dave to play with her since she lacked play time with me but that didn't happen. She went into her crib near 10:30 PM! Then she was up for a long time after!

Dave and I watched Survivor then went into bed. I couldn't fall asleep. At 1:45 I got out of bed and went to my computer because I forgot to post my squat challenge workout and since I wasn't sleeping anyway. I stayed there for a bit. I went back to bed and still couldn't fall asleep. My throat just hurt too bad. Then I got out my ipad and played solitaire since that puts me to sleep a lot. I had to play a few games but it worked finally.

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