Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I set my alarm for 7 and barely heard it. The ringer was way way way down. I only heard it because Dave's went off. I knew just the first second I was awake that I was too sick to take Ella to gymnastics so I might as well sleep in more.  I told Dave.
He got ready for work and left. It only woke me up a few times.
Ella woke up a little after 8 and we hung out.

Some highlights:
I talked on the phone even though I had almost no voice.
Ella loved chicken noodle soup.
I asked Ella if she wanted to talk to grandma and she said "no. tube." She opened youtube kids and wanted to watch that instead.
Ella ran into the kitchen where I was and said "pants. off" and sure enough she wasn't wearing her pants anymore.
I got comfortable on the couch. Then Ella climbed up and got comfortable beside me. She even pulled up the afghan. Then I went to grab a kleenex and my box wasn't here! I left it at the kitchen table. I coughed. That cough made Ella perk up. She looked around. She got me kleenexes! I didn't even ask her!
Ella took selfies of herself and kept saying "cheese." I don't know where she learned this.
I swear Ella said "I sleepy" and then got comfy and lied down on a pillow. I asked her if she wanted to nap and then she was back to being perky.

She wouldn't nap. Then she ate and then she was bad. So I made her nap. She was not happy but finally fell asleep at 4:30. I needed that break bad.  Then she was up at 6:15. She woke up on her own and cried and then cried a lot. Dave was home too. Neither of us could figure it out. She'd calm down but then go to hardcore crying again.  After about a half hour she was good.  Then we snacked. She had food in bed instead of actual dinner food in the high chair.   Then she was up for awhile. We started bedtime routine pretty late and then she was asleep a little after 10.   Dave and I watched Survivor then he went into bed. I watched some TV. There was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep. Then I still couldn't fall asleep just from feeling like crap so I watched some more TV. I fell asleep on the couch, rewound the show, then fell asleep again. That was pretty good. Too bad it was close to 2 am.

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