Saturday, February 27, 2016


 Ella was petting Poly and Poly put up with it for a little bit.

 Ella likes to cuddle right beside me.

 Ella was helping take out the recycling.

 Ella thought she was in charge of the shopping list.
Then we went to Safeway. I did more shopping and Ella wanted to ride in a car cart.  She was pretty good. Then she was a little rowdy and needed a snack. Then she was content.

But then in the checkout line I saw that the little bugger had swiped a sour cream and that's why she was content.
She was so so proud of herself for doing this.

 I made pizza soup. I used 2 recipes as a guide.
 Ella had a messy lunch while I was cooking. I wanted her contained the entire time.

 Miss Ella needed some barrettes in her hair. Then she needed sunglasses!

The soup was pretty good. I specifically had in mind a few things I'd change for next time and said I'd write them down (and then I never did).  Ella didn't end up eating any because it was too hot and she filled up on bread waiting for it to cool down.

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