Friday, February 19, 2016

Ella Says ...

making pizza (1/28/16)
Ella wants oreos and we are out of them. 
Ella: The white cookies!
She remembered the vanilla Joe Joe's I had.
Dave offers Ella soup and she climbs in her high chair
Me: Do you want some of daddy's soup?
Ella: No. Ella's soup!
Dave was mad at other drivers and said "What the f***!"
then Ella repeated it!
Then Dave said "that's right Ella"
Then Ella KEPT repeating it.
I have said it and she started saying it then she laughs after she says it every time.
Colleen: What are you doing? as I walk into the room to find her with a step stool up to the kitchen sink and she's stirring in the crock pot I just filled to soak.
Ella: Making soup, Mom.
Ella was standing at the sink.
Colleen: What are you doing?
Ella showing me her bowl: soaking
Few seconds later
Colleen: What are you doing now?
Ella: Scrubbing bowl

It did need to be soaked and she did clean it.
If you ask Ella for some food that she is eating and she doesn't want to share it, then she feels bad
Ella: piece
She gives you a little piece of it but sometimes the piece is so small you can't even see it.
(happens daily)
Ella slept in so Dave already left for work.  She was eating some crackers. Then she wanted to feed Daddy.
She goes to feed him but he's gone!
Colleen: Daddy is at work already.
Ella then cries.
Colleen: He will be home tonight and you can feed him then.
Ella: Daddy works at google.
Then she goes back to eating and is content since she gets to feed him later.
Ella loves to help cook.
She pushes a step stool over to the microwave when we are going to heat her food.
I let her push the buttons to get it to start.
Ella: cooking!

Food is done and she is eating it and so proud that she cooked!

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