Thursday, March 3, 2016

4 Weeks (December)

I got a positive home pregnancy test at 4 weeks and 1 day but it was a faint line. Man I just looked and it's 4 weeks not 4 weeks and 1 day. This is why going by memory isn't good. Glad I write things down. And by write things down I mean use an app on my phone.

I'm surprised and not at the same time.

I took the pregnancy test. I thought there was no line so went about my business. Went to throw it away a minute later and saw a faint line. I went in and turned on Dave's light and said "There is a faint line here." He said, "OMG. You're pregnant!" And then Ella cried.  (His tone wasn't fully excited; it was shock and surprise so the tone might have been why Ella cried.)

At 4 weeks and 1 day I took another test and it was another faint line.
At 4 weeks and 2 days I took another test and it was a more distinct line.

How many weeks: 4

Size of baby: Poppy Seed

Total Weight Gain/Loss: up .2 lb  I barely weigh myself anymore but I happened to have an appropriate weight to go off of. In the past 4 weeks I have been up about 2.5 lbs higher and just so happens the 2 weights in question here are my 2 lowest. 

Maternity Clothes: Definitely not yet

Gender: Not yet

Movement: Not yet

Sleep: I have barely been sleeping because I've been sick. I cough and cough and have issues fall asleep.

What I miss:  Nothing yet.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing yet.

Symptoms: Nothing yet.

Best moment this week: The positive pregnancy test

Looking forward to: Actually telling people.

Exercise: The same as I had been doing which for the past month has been very bad. I've been sick twice in the past month and only got to exercise for about a week in the middle and I wasn't even fully recovered in there. It's the worst month I've had in probably 22 months.

Same this time: Most of everything?

Different from last time: Last time I was lightheaded a lot and cutting runs/workouts short. This time I've been sick so I haven't been able to even starting running. So maybe I would get lightheaded. I don't know.

This is the first of my weekly posts. I wrote these as the weeks happened but didn't post them until I was further along.

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