Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pregnancy Phone Apps

While trying to find an app with as much info as one I used with Ella, I downloaded 17 pregnancy apps. So many were awful.

I figured I'd write about some. I just wanted 2 things that mine had last time. A section on each week of pregnancy and what was going on. It had the size of the baby, what is developing on the baby, common symptoms, and maybe something else.  Then I wanted to be able to enter my weight but to have it tell me the common weight gain up to a certain point. So you knew the weeks it's common to gain .5 lb or 1 lb or what the range is.  The old one did this but I didn't know which one I had before so I kept trying.  I did this searching the last week of December up to January 2, 2016.

A few made me log in and I did because this was back when I was getting my first ones. I might not remember which I logged into below though.

Pregnancy Tips - Has ads. I couldn't even get in when I said "later" for when I wanted to upgrade to pro. I killed the app and tried again and the same thing.  -- Verdict: Immediately deleted app

Totally Pregnant - To open it, I had to sign in. This may be good. But I keep trying to log in. I got in with fb but it doesn't let me put my due date. When I go back to logging in, and click Done then it closes the app. I never get the due date entered. I could manually go in and change it to the appropriate week but that seems like it'd be annoying. Even if that wasn't annoying, the information wasn't that good. Also there was no where to enter weight.  -- Verdict: Immediately deleted app

Pregnancy Week by Week (belly on icon) - has ads. Doesn't have the information I want. Doesn't list weight. Week by Week info was hard for me to find at first. The ads pop up a lot. If not for the ads I might have kept this one figuring out the best one. Verdict: Immediately deleted app.

Preggie - Seems to be a feed where people post and ask questions.  Not what I wanted.  -- Verdict: Deleted app

Pregnancy Week by Week (baby face on icon) -  has ads that you have to wait 5 seconds before clicking the X. But you see one add at the beginning and you get to read the info on the weeks. And you can view next and previous weeks.  (No weight data)  -- Verdict: Kept for now

Baby Box - Weight gain chart is separate and costs $.99.  The app seems ok otherwise. Except different things are in Spanish. When you go to add data, the descriptive words are only in Spanish. The due date was automatically created based on something and it was a week off! -- Verdict: I should delete the app but I'm intrigued by this one.

Pregnancy Lover - Has weekly information. Well I only see information up to week 9. There are ads!  -- Verdict: Immediately deleted app.

iPregnant Free (can upgrade to Deluxe) - There are adds that you have to wait 5 seconds to close. I just had 1 ad at the begining. It had the weekly info. It was a little more confusing to get to. I can add weight info. But since there are ads, I will get rid of it. -- Verdict: Delete app

Weight Gain Calculator - I could never get in. Every time I clicked on it, the screen went black. I tried 4 times. -- Verdict:  Immediately deleted app

PregWtTrak - Tracks weight. At first I kept it. I got it early on. Realized other ones do similar things so I didn't keep it. Verdict: Deleted app

Pregnancy+ - You can sign up but don't have to. I did.  Seems like it might be pretty good. I don't see a graph or chart about projected weight gain or average or whatever. But you can put in your own. The information on weeks pregnant seems ok too.  -- Verdict: Keeping  One of the top ones

Ovia Pregnancy - Kind of like this. Not sure. -- Verdict: Keeping app for now

the bump - Some but not all the info I'd like. Since there are others I'll just get rid of this. -- Verdict: Deleted app

babycenter My Pregnancy - It has daily updates. I can't find weekly info. But I do like the picture and labeling for that. So I guess I will keep it. Verdict: Keeping app for now.

Baby Bump - I logged in and started getting daily emails! I'm not a fan of the daily emails. Has some information I wanted but not everything. Also it was more daily and not weekly. -- Verdict: Deleted the app.

Pregnancy and Baby from What to Expect - At first I thought this was cool but not a fan after looking at 15 other ones. Verdict: Deleted app

BabyApp Pregnancy Week by Week - Doesn't include weight. Since I had other ones with the weekly info and the weight, I'll get rid of this one. -- Verdict: Delete app

I'm Expecting by MedHelp- After digging through old emails this is the old app that I used. It's fancier now and more clicks to read the same info.  I didn't quickly see how to skip ahead to see future weeks. Also you have to click on 4 different things to read the 4 sections that were under 1 click before.  You can sign in or just view all the info without creating an account.

PW Monitor (Pregnancy Weight Monitor) - Seems pretty good for inputting weight and telling you things but they talk in g and kg instead of lbs.

So after my initial pass I am down to 7 apps. I need to narrow it further.

As of March 5, I've only opened 2 of them. I never even enter my weight but I will want to later I'm guessing.
I add a bump picture to the baby center one. I read info in the other one.

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