Thursday, March 3, 2016


I had to wake Ella up so that we weren't late to go running except we were still about 8 minutes late.   We ran 4 miles then the kids played.  It was pretty cold but then when running I was pretty warm and had to remove my layers. Playing at the park afterward was cold again and I had to put them back on.  Everyone didn't stay a long time so we didn't stay that long either. Ella sure had fun though.

On our way home we went to the Dollar Tree. I went specifically to get a few things. Ella requested to walk so our shopping trip was longer than it would have been. She really has a blast picking things out and putting them in the canvas bag. I put a lot back but got a lot, too.

After we were home a bit we did a google hangout with my mom.  Ella requested pig tails so she had some and then she wanted me to have some too. Hers were cuter.

She has become quite the little bugger moving the step stool to access Poly's food and water.

She plays with the ornaments then goes in time out. She thinks the punishment is worth the reward.

She lied on the ground and said "I sleepy" and then covered herself. But she did not want to go to her crib.  I talked her into lying on the couch to try to sleep. But as soon as I got up she was up. She didn't want to miss out on anything. So there went that.

Ella picked where to hang up the Merry Christmas sign that she picked out at the Dollar Tree.

Divya came at 3:30 to lift weights.  Ella was in the crib but after ~50 min we gave up on nap. Ella and Arya played. Divya and I took turns lifting weights. We ended up lifting and hanging out until about 5:30.  They snacked for a bit and after Ella was using the exercise band that I was just using. That was the first time she ever saw me do it.

We went to pick Dave up and Ella fell asleep in the car.

Dave and I picked up dinner at Panera and ate it while Ella was sleeping.  I transferred her to her crib. She did wake up but then went right back to sleep.  It was around 6:15 that she went to sleep in the car.

I was so tired but did not go to sleep early. I spent time working on Christmas gifts and things.

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