Thursday, March 3, 2016


We took Dave to work by 9 AM which meant we had to rush. I said we had to take our Christmas photos before work. We got them taken. Half are out of focus and weird which makes no sense but at least we got some good ones.  When we were sitting on the couch, Ella took over the camera remote and would get so happy when she'd make it work that she has big smiles.  Too bad she didn't have the remote facing the correct way most of the time so it took a little bit to get the few shots with her so happy.

After we took Dave to work we ran home and did a few things then we headed to Stanford Shopping Center to see Santa. There was no line when we got there and Ella was afraid of Santa. I ended up in the picture. She didn't even like facing him.  Then we were done and I paid and she talked lovingly about Santa. We ran into someone we know. We stood around for a bit.  Then we headed out. Ella was a big walker. We got cupcakes at Sprinkles. Some toddler and mom were sitting at the little table to eat a cupcake so Ella really wanted to join in. I let us eat one of ours there. But then Ella got bad and shook the bag of cupcakes around and in the matter of a second flipped it upside down and the box fell out and opened and all our cupcakes were all over the floor.  I immediately put her in the stroller and told her she was in trouble. She didn't listen to me to stop and shook the bag MORE which is when everything bad happened. I cleaned up the cupcakes and was heading out. The employee stopped me saying she would replace my cupcakes. That was so nice. Mine were on the floor and the icing all messed up but I was going to keep them and eat them anyway because Ella feeds me crap from the floor anyway.

We headed right home after. Dave wondered why we didn't eat lunch out. Well I never think of eating lunch out but also Ella was bad so no more fun stuff.

Ella didn't nap so we were hanging out most of the day. I didn't even attempt to put her in her crib. She wanted to sleep on the floor but that failed.  Earlier in the afternoon she said "I sleepy" and covered herself on the floor but that only lasted a second too.

She loves playing with her doll.

I knew Ella was so tired so I asked Dave if I could get him before 5 then he could work at home. I did not want to have to wake her to leave to pick him up or did not want her falling asleep in the car.   We got McD's on the way home and Ella put her doll in the other high chair. She even struggled to get the tray for her. She kept giving her all her food.

Ella ended up staying up surprisingly late for no nap and tired Ella.  She wanted to sleep in her bed versus the crib. She was getting all ready but then said something about falling so she wanted to sleep on the floor. We moved the pillows to the floor. She tucked in her doll and we tucked her in.  But she got up and wanted to come out shortly after.  Dave told her not to come out so she was knocking at the door. It was pretty cute.  I let her come out and said we'd try again. Hilary and I were talking at my craft bookshelves so the sound was probably tough for her. I let Ella join us and she was so happy. She was helping get punches out and put them away.

Ella then wanted to try to lie in bed but with a little blanket barrier so she wouldn't fall out. She wanted to hold my hand. I was on the floor. But then she got up. She wanted to be on the floor. She kept moving around. Couldn't get comfortable. She'd nod when I asked if she was tired and would nod when I asked if she wanted to go to sleep. So we put her in her crib and she was asleep within 5 minutes. She kept not wanting to go in her crib though. We had to explain how the crib was OK and she can try her bed another night.

 We had to show Daddy how Ella likes to use her bike.

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