Wednesday, April 6, 2016

16 Weeks (March 20)

Well with moving, I didn't even start writing this until 3 days late. The weight was taken 1 day late and then it didn't upload and I didn't realize that until 3 days later so it's going from memory and could be a little off.

I didn't make a collage of them all but you can see the new picture too.

Size of baby: Avocado, 4.3 - 4.7 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.6 lb loss overall but a 0.3 lb gain from last week.  I took the weight measurement 1 day late too!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but need them for pants. Athletic pants are fine but my jeans sit below my belly and this just keep falling down in the back. I had one pair of old jeans that wouldn't button and I did the hair try trick. I did pull out my maternity clothes bins and will get them into my closet/drawers in the next week.

Gender: We will find out on April 9.

Movement: A ton!!!!

Sleep: I am having issues sleeping. I wake up in the night to pee or because of Ella waking up and then I can't fall back to sleep thinking about the move. Then near the end of the week, my sleep sucked because of Ella being scared and actually sleeping with me!

What I miss: Working out like before. A sense of normalcy but that's from the move and not pregnancy but we did move because of pregnancy. I miss lunch meat. Traveling really set that in. Then with moving, that really set in when I was trying to scrounge for food or pick up food.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  I never had any with Ella. 

Aversions: None that I can think of.

Symptoms: Every now and then I get lightheaded briefly. When I was busy working too hard moving, my belly would basically tell me to slow down and stop doing what I was doing. My right hip got weird from moving all the boxes around.

Best moment this week: Moving but that's also the worst so I don't know. It is nice to have a nice stove if only the kitchen was put away more so I could actually use it.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender.

Exercise: I got a lot of steps from moving but not sure I had an actual workout all week.

Same this time: Definitely miss working out like I used to both times. 

Different from last time: Last time I spent tons of time trying to figure out maternity clothes to buy. This time I already have them so that's good. I did move this time around though. And that is harder and takes more time than buying maternity clothes. 

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