Friday, April 8, 2016

17 Weeks (March)

I keep mentioning to people I was actually bigger with Ella. I swear they don't believe me. I showed early both times. But here is a collage I made. It might not be perfect because last time I was busy and not always taking pictures in the morning. Now I don't seem to actually have any of the pictures from the first pregnancy on my computer where I can easily find them so I saved the collage from my old post and cropped it.

Size of baby: Onion, 4.5 - 5 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I have a 0.6 weight gain overall and 1.6 gain this week. Except I weighed myself a few times and some were lower than last week. I took the weight that wasn't lower. 

Maternity Clothes:  I haven't worn any maternity clothes yet. Once I had to use the rubber band trick in the morning before my jeans stretched out. I did pull out some clothes that I bought after Ella was born when I was bigger. They aren't maternity but aren't my normal clothes that I've been wearing.  Jeans fall down a low because they sit slightly lower so I tend to wear a belt to help with that. Athletic pants help with this and also make it easier to be unpacking and moving around.

Gender: We will find out on August 9.

Movement: A ton!

Sleep: I haven't been getting enough sleep because Ella doesn't sleep well yet in the new house. I wake up 1 time to go to the bathroom one time in the night. 

What I miss: Lunch meat. It would make quick lunches so much easier! At least the kitchen is mostly unpacked so I can get to cooking. 

Cravings: No. 

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I don't think I have that many anymore. I tend to get lightheaded quicker if I go without a meal. I've been so busy unpacking that sometimes I miss eating. Having to pee a lot is a really annoying symptom. I swear I drink 2 oz of water and have to pee.

Best moment this week:  Running 2 successful Easter Egg Hunts. The first one had 39 kids and the 2nd one had 19. 

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender. Being unpacked! Finding my missing cameras!

Exercise: I hit 10,000 steps a lot with all the unpacking and chasing Ella but I only exercised 1 day. I ran on Monday and that run was cut short because Ella had to go potty. 

Same this time: Both times I mentioned being too busy to notice pregnancy symptoms.  I had a lot of lack of sleep and both times it wasn't baby related!

Different from last time: Last time I had my doctor appointment. I was busy with Dev Bootcamp and this time I'm busy with Ella and unpacking. I guess I'm busy but it's very different. I started wearing maternity clothes last time and haven't yet this time. 

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