Thursday, April 21, 2016


Ella had another awful night. She woke up at 3:45. I went in to rock her. She wanted me to rock her on the floor versus sitting in the rocking chair.  She'd keep falling asleep but if I tried to move her to her bed she woke up, cried, and begged for more rocking. After awhile I took her to our big bed. She would not keep quiet. She climbed all over me and talked.  That clearly didn't work.  Then I took her back to Ella's room and rocked her there. She wasn't having that either.   Finally she was getting more tired and I put her in bed and she went to sleep. This was near 7 am that she fell asleep.

We woke her up at a little after 9 to get Dave to work.

We came home and finished getting ready then went to a brainstorming meeting that started at 10. Other kids just sat or stood near the table. Ella was not so behaved. I packed up my stuff to leave because she was not listening. But then she got a little better.   We were there until noon. Ella did stay near me when she was eating her bagel. She loved having her own bagel.

I drove her around a little extra since she seemed like she was tired. But she did not fall asleep. Then we got home and she was so bad.

We played. She rode on my back. I cooked while she ate. Then she helped me cook. She was so proud of helping but then she wanted to keep helping but we were done. She made a little mess. She was stirring the soup good but then she started splashing or lifting soup up and dropping it so there were some splatters on the counter.

I took her for another ride.  She finally fell asleep!  The ride made me tired too.

I can't remember what I did during her nap besides push-ups for my challenge.

Ella woke up and shortly after we went and got Dave. Then we had the pizza soup (recipe). It was so good.  Ella was so proud that she made the soup but she didn't really eat it.

Bedtime wasn't so bad. We talked to Ella about putting the gate in her doorway to remind her that she shouldn't run out. It's to help her. She seemed to be more accepting of it the way Dave explained it. A week or so earlier, she was not having any parts of it and then pushed it right out of the doorway.

Ella held my old phone for all of a minute before dropping it on the ceramic tile.

 I made a comparison. We both changed so much in 2 years.

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