Thursday, April 21, 2016


Ella slept all night. She woke up and saw her green clock and was so excited!

Poly was so tired, she didn't move when Ella tried to pet her. Ella had so much fun petting her and giving her hugs.

Dave asked Ella who the president was. She answered Obama then talks about Obama in the office (in the picture). I got a decent video of it too.

Dave wore shorts so Ella had to wear shorts. (Dave was tricked. It was 66 degrees but going to get colder and very windy.)  At least Ella wore boots instead of sandals.

Dave had to be at work by 9 and I kind of liked it because Ella got dropped off before it got super hectic at preschool.  It was the best drop off yet. She didn't want me to leave but she went right to the teacher and let me leave and didn't cry. I hurried up out of there so she didn't see me and then cry.

I got home by 9:30. I liked that. That meant I had tons of time to do a million things. Except I didn't.

I did workout and recorded videos of it then compiled it.

My new leggings arrived so I tried them on and put on the top I already owned that I thought it'd match and it did.

I had leftover soup for lunch and watched some TV. Man was the soup good!

Around 3, I started to deal with recycling. We had so many cans and bottles that now the garage seems less full. We had some bags in the garage and on the porch. I filled the car. There were even some in the front seat and some in Ella's car seat. We had a lot.  Too bad they weigh it all and you get less than the deposit you pay which drives me nuts.  It was so windy at recycling too that it was hard to work.  I ended up getting $52 for all our recycling. I learned anything over $50 and you have to show your ID.   It feels so good to be rid of the recycling. We had so many and it still only took about 2 hours to load up the car and take it. Not too bad. It would have taken less time if some bags weren't so buried in the garage and if it wasn't so windy.

I picked up Ella right after recycling. She was busy coloring when I arrived.  Her back was toward me so I got to talk to the teacher a little before she saw me. I heard that she ASKED to go to sleep for nap time so the teacher brought her inside and gave her to the other teacher who got her stuff ready and got her to sleep in less than 5 minutes.  I can't even believe the trouble I go through to get her to nap and she asks to nap there then does right away. I was also told she was the last one to wake up!

We picked Dave up and headed home to eat leftover soup. Ella helped do some dishes, too.   Dave even liked the soup. He never eats leftovers.  Ella was so proud of helping cook it that she kept eating it but she'd basically spit it out. She didn't really like it.   Dave got ice cream to eat so then Ella got some too. I don't know how she got so filthy. She even had ice cream on her foot.   After I got her out of her high chair she pointed out the mess on the floor. I told her we'd go sit down and I'd clean it later.  She went over and got the broom and said "Ella clean it now" and then she swept. She made a pile but then moved the pile around so I had to hurry up and sweep it into a dust pan.

Ella colored with markers. She got the bright idea to put the caps on her fingers then she tried putting them all on her fingers. I had a heck of a time getting the caps back and also holding on to all the markers.  We were on the phone with my parents at the time. too.

I think it was 2nd day we used the gate in her doorway and it made night time a lot easier. I'm so glad she stopped trying to push the thing out because if she tries, she succeeds, and it's annoying.

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