Saturday, April 23, 2016


 Ella not only slept all night in her room but she slept in until almost 9!  We had a lamp on in her room all night. It was very dim and it helped.

Dave biked to work so I didn't have to drive him. That was great.  We got to hang out at home. Ella leisurely spent about an hour eating breakfast. She had about 4 bowls of cereal and then ate more! Her baby doll had to eat in the other high chair.
 Ella had to cover her doll.
Stubborn Ella had to leave out the front door and not the garage.
We went to the park. Ella is always asking to go to the park. We almost went to one but both swings were in use and swings are her favorite so I drove to another park. We played for quite some time. Ella wanted to go down the slide but it was hot in her skirt so she asked to get pants on. Well those were in the car so we walked back to the car.  Instead of going back to the park right away she wanted to "drive" and eat some snacks. 45 minutes actually passed and she was snacking. She also went potty too. It got so late, I didn't want to go back into the park. I mean I told her 15 minutes when we were walking to get her pants.

I thought she'd fall asleep on the way home but she did not! I drove extra but it didn't work. We were 6 minutes away from home and Ella said she had to poop. I asked if she wanted to use the travel potty. She said no her potty at home. I asked if she could hold it. She nodded. We got home and she had held it and she went immediately. She just wanted to go at home!

Ella was washing her hands and I ran to the other room. I come back and she has soap all over her hair! She was not happy with the clean up process. She cried for about a half hour. We were late for preschool because she needed to calm down and get a shirt on before we could go.

She had so much fun inside at preschool. She actually never stayed inside before. They had doctor stuff out and Ella loved it!  She even played with it while I listened to the lecture later.  She was not a happy camper when she had to put the stuff down for singing time and then snack time.  She was so happy with what was in her snack that she actually mostly stayed seated during snack time. She did get up once. The girl beside her also got up once and Ella told her "sit down" and tried to push her chair in to get her seated. It was funny. At snack time I am always telling her to sit down. (I took pictures at preschool but they all have other kids in them so I'll just leave them out.)
I had promised her if she was good at preschool, we would go to the park. So we went to the park on the way home.  We played for quite a while. I gave her a 5 minute warning. Then when it was done Ella said "couple more minutes." I said "OK Ella since you asked so nicely. 2 more minutes." Then she had the nerve to say "no 4." I set my timer for 2 and we left when that went off. Ella is always trying to close the gate when we leave. I open it back up and she doubles back to close it. This is a park that has it open all the time if the park is open.  What is it with Ella always wanting to close doors.

We got home and I heated her leftovers. She was eating the rest of her preschool snack in the car.  I was able to get a little done while she ate. She liked weenies and beans but kept picking out the hot dogs so I cut up and heated more hot dogs. Then she requested more hot dogs 4 times.  She ate for a long time. Then had a little dessert while I cooked dinner. I timed dinner perfectly for when Dave got in the door. The timers went off (both timers!) just as he was parking his bike. It was amazing how that worked. But then he rested on the bed a little from the long biking so it was ready for a few minutes before he ate.  Ella ate a little again with all of us but not much. She didn't want tacos. She never does so that's why I saved the other leftovers for her!

It was after 8 when we were done eating. Then I was wondering why she was being so bad. I remembered she didn't nap and she should have actually been put to bed earlier. Oops!

She went right in to bed. She helped me put the gate up because she wanted bed time.

I did a few things and lied in bed to make my Stampin' Up order. I fell asleep making it! Oops for getting my order in by the end of the month.

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