Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 I packed a lunch for our play date since it didn't end until 12:30.
Ella likes to take her baby dolls with her everywhere.

 We went to Michael's. Ella tried to buckle in her doll.  This didn't last long though.

We got to the park and were headed to where we were meeting up. Remind me never to volunteer to take extra stuff again! It was a long process getting Ella, her tricycle, batman car, stroller, dolls, food, and bag to where we were meeting.
 We were early so Ella got to swing before it started.

We had a little course to teach kids about red light and green lights and also stop signs. It was fun. But Ella didn't want to share any of her extra things that I took.

Then we sat down to eat!
At one point Susu was telling Ella to come and she was about 10 ft behind him.  And Arya was behind her saying "wait Ella."  It was just too cute. Moms often tell me how Ella is the popular one. I don't even know how this happened.

 Then they did story time under the play structure!
We stayed longer than everyone else (of course). While we were leaving Ella rode her batman car off the edge of the gazebo and got a boo boo.

Ella fell asleep on the way home. I finally cleaned out the floor in front of her carseat. It got ridiculous after we moved. (It only lasted clean about a day but the other side of the backseat was awful and Dave moved everything over to her side so he could ride back there.
I went in to wake Ella up. I don't usually but knew she'd like to cook.  She didn't want to wakeup. Then I asked her if she wanted to cook sushi. She immediately woke up and nodded. She got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I got sad because she was all ready to go and I didn't tell her it was at someone else's house! There was a time table and we were late for free play but there in time to actually make the sushi.

But we got there and there was a lot more free play than anticipated. We didn't start cooking for a long time so I could have let her sleep.

Ella was a swing hog.

At one point Ella was putting on the rice and picked up chopsticks and was using them in one hand and picking up the rice. She ate rice this way. I don't even know how she managed. I wish I had a picture or video of that.

Ella keeps eating all the components.  This was just fruit sushi so that the toddlers would be more likely to eat it.

 We didn't have the sushi methods down and it just fell apart. Ella ate it with a spoon.

It was an extremely busy day. We left the meetup at 5:30 and I was only home briefly when Ella napped throughout the entire day.  (I think I had to pick Dave up from work but my pictures don't tell the story. Not sure what the evening held either since no pictures. (It's only 2 weeks later when I'm writing this too.)

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