Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preschool (Little Acorn)1.6 and 1.8

This post was written months ago and I just never added pictures. 

Ella is starting preschool January 13 so we were trying it out this week to get her used to it.

On Wednesday, we went in at 9:45 and stayed until 12:20.  I stayed with her.  I was able to back up in the corner of the room for awhile and then I left the room. I was gone maybe 10 minutes and she wanted me back. I happened to walk by and she saw me so I went back in. Then she wanted me RIGHT next to her.  We got there right at snack time.  She ate her piece of french toast and then asked for more saying "more please."  There was singing, playing, playdough, lunch, little walk outside, playing with trains, and I forget if there was anything else.

We were later than I wanted to be on Friday.  We got there at 10:40. I dropped her off and she almost immediately went to playing. I talked to a teacher and left.  I went to the office for about 15 minutes just to make sure all was good before I left.   I got gas on the way home, showered at home, then left. I was not home long. I wanted to get back before the kids were doing nap time. She was fine. I ran into a teacher on my way in so I talked to Beth again for awhile before getting Ella. Plus bedtime was starting a little later than Wednesday so they weren't getting ready for bed.  Ella played with clay, painted, saw chicks, and played outside. I'm not sure what else she did.  She did ask for me. Gio told her I would come back. So the teacher said she said "come back" many times. She had so much fun painting that she barely missed me.  For the 2nd time, she did not eat lunch. She took 2 bites maybe. I need to figure out what to pack for her that's a real treat. The school doesn't like super unhealthy stuff so I have to be careful.  She wanted yogurt because someone else had yogurt. She still wanted yogurt at home but we didn't have any. She was sad.

It might be rougher for her next week because she will be there longer. She will also have to nap there. That is going to be rough. They nap about 2 hours earlier than she naps at home!
1/6 pics

She fell asleep on the way home!  (I took more pictures but they show other kids so I didn't put them.)
1/8 pics

 My face as I walked out after dropping her off!
 I got sent a few pics!

Ella had fun! Gio was in her room with her even though he's normally in the older classroom. Since they are best buddies, I bet that helped a lot.

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