Saturday, April 23, 2016

Still Sick

I'm still sick. Today is Day 13.  On Day 12 my throat stopped hurting.  I still cough a lot and in the morning have insane coughing fits where I carry a cup with me to spit in.  I'm still sneezing a bit. I have pink eye in both eyes.  I feel like it's never as bad as the first day. They are barely pink and barely crusty in the mornings.  Since the pinkeye didn't start on the left eye until day 10, I wonder if I still have the 2-14 day range for that one to heal or if it is lumped in with the other eye so it might be better quicker.

I keep stressing out because all of the kleenex boxes are low and we don't have spare. I just think I'll run out of all of them. Luckily my nose isn't as bad as it was on days 3, 4, and 5.  The boxes get annoying when they get low. I have to jam my hand down in them to yank out a kleenex because the boxes are too tall to have them properly feed up when they get low.

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