Monday, May 23, 2016


 Apparently I'm a good pillow.
 Ella broke the end of my necklace and thougth SHE could fix it with the needle nose pliers.
 We went to preschool to do picture retakes of 2 of the classes.

 We were practicing before the classes came out.

We went to the Dollar Tree after to buy supplies for the Easter Egg hunt.

 Then we went to Target.  Such a busy day!
I made quesadillas for lunch.  Ella loved them.

I took my good camera to preschool so I got some nice pictures of Ella and her friends.

 After preschool we went to the park and met Lily there.

They had to be doing the same things on the swing!

Gio, Lily, Ella, and I went to Pearl Cafe for dinner. The smoothies were a hit with the kids.

I took some pictures to show someone how messy my kitchen was.  I decided to post them here because people always post their houses only when they look pristine and I don't do that. :)

I rotated Ella's toddler bed so she won't fall out and into the closet and then under the bed.
Here is little Ella asleep in her bed.


  1. Does Ella still use her crib, too? Did you get hired to take pictures of the school? That's pretty neat!

    1. No. In January and maybe early February when she wouldn't stay in her bed/room she got put back in her crib but then she got too quick at climbing out. We left it up until we moved though.

      I got asked to help since the official photographer wouldn't do group shots. Then I offered to come back and take the retakes. I also took some
      Pictures of some
      Kids that wouldn't sit for the real photographer.