Friday, May 6, 2016


Ella slept in a bit (yay). Dave was a bit sick and went back to sleep.  Then he woke up and decided he wasn't going in to work.
 Ella did not want to get dressed. I told her that her friends were coming. They even showed up and she was not dressed. We were outside and she came running to the door. Then I never saw her be so motivated to get her pants, shoes, and socks on.  Then she had a blast.
I taught my 3rd bootcamp but my first one outside. The kids had a blast.  Five moms came.  We worked out a solid 50 minutes. I did 4 minutes of warmup and then we did 1 minute of exercise and 15 second rest and repeat. Only twice did I pause the timer to fully get my description of the next thing out. Sometimes Ella was in the way. We had a nice workout! Everyone had fun.  The kids played!  Sometimes they tried to workout, too.
I immediately went inside and scheduled the next one for March 3. The people were excited too. It is fun. I just need to quit running myself ragged. I have to plan the next one too. I can't have them be all the same exercises.
I told everyone to bring a yoga mat and 5 lb weights. Two people brought yoga mats and I had a spare yoga mat and there was a blanket to use. I just barely had enough weights. If 1 more person would have shown up, I wouldn't have had enough weights.
I cleaned up and brought my stuff inside. We hung out a bit. Then Ella helped me make quesadillas. Dave informed me that she makes better quesadillas than me because she's not careful with the cheese so some got on the pan and then he got nice burnt cheese at the end.  I made a broccoli and cheese quesadilla for myself. That's the third day in a row!  There wasn't enough broccoli for more than one. Ella wanted some of mine!

 Ella wanted to go to the park so I made her a deal. We would go to the park for 15 minutes and then nap. Well we were at the park a half hour! Time flew.   But then she fell asleep when I took the roundabout way to get home. I wanted to see how to get to a specific parking lot I would have to use to meet Beth to run.

I transferred Ella to her bed. I should have rested because I was coughing a lot and feeling like I was getting sick. Instead I used my computer and did some stuff on my to-do list. I also put away crafts from my card class on January 22!  Normally I lie in bed and rest a bit and use my laptop but when I went in there Dave commented that I wouldn't be in there coughing the entire time so then I didn't stick around.

After nap, I made mini frozen pizza and easy mac for dinner for Ella and me. Then I also had leftover chicken and rice bowl. Ella was so difficult that I just had a heck of a time finishing eating. I actually just gave up.

Then I wanted to lie on the couch. Ella doesn't let me just lie. She tries to join me but moves all around. She smashes her head into my head.  She even had to give Dave my blanket and then give me his.

We tried to start bedtime around 8:30. Ella was even tucked in at one point then I see her going into her closet. That's where her potty is.  She comes out a bit later with her pjs around her ankles. She's very proud that she peed in the potty. She was in the dark too.   Then she tells me she has to poop so I'm in there with her for what feels like forever.  Finally I give her a night light and tell her she can stay there and I was leaving.  Minutes later she peed a ton and walked to the door asking for help.   But then she wanted to poop again. She is a queen of stalling. She has discovered potty is the only thing that she gets to stay up for.

Finally around 10:30 she was asleep!  I was tired.  Right around dinner time I started to feel so much worse. I was coughing so much that I was making myself lightheaded.  Also I was having to blow my nose a ton!

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