Sunday, May 8, 2016


Ella woke up at 8:30 and I actually slept in until then. My alarm did go off at 7:30 because I forgot to turn it off but I turned it off and actually fell back to sleep. Dave was still pretty sick so he decided he wasn't going into work.

Ella wanted breakfast so I sat at the table with her while she ate cereal.  I wanted to rest but at least in the high chair she was sort of OK so sitting in the kitchen chair was at least better than chasing her around.

I tried to get her to rest after breakfast but that failed.  I was coughing so much and sneezing so much. My nose also drips constantly. Fun times!

I tried to let her play in the backyard. I sat out there. She wanted me to play too so she didn't do much playing.

She wanted food again. I felt like we just ate. But we made Trader Joe's frozen mac n cheese. She had to push the buttons on the microwave to cook it. Dave hadn't gone to the store yet so we didn't have many choices. Dave went to the store and was back and she was still eating. He bought donuts! Ella just had to have one. She claimed she wanted 2. We wouldn't have that. I ate 2 though. She wasn't too happy about that. Safeway donuts aren't nearly as good as Daily Donuts but they are a nice surprise.

Then we tried to rest. That did not work. Ella is a nut. She runs around. She gets into trouble. She gets stuff she shouldn't.  She jumps around on the bed. She can't just lie still.  She wanted to nap in the big bed but clearly that wouldn't work. She dives all around on us.   At 4 PM I finally got her tucked into her bed.  I put a baby gate up. She was in there playing for awhile. Then she opened the door asking if she could come out please.  Then after awhile she'd close the door and play more then open the door and talk some more. She also looks at the camera and talks to us that way. At 4:30, Dave went in and rocked her and she fell asleep almost right away. She was so out and snoring. He got her into bed and left by 4:35. We both wanted to nap and were dead but then neither of us could fall asleep.

I had rocked her before tucking her in. She just keeps wanting me to rock her more. She keeps wanting me to read her more books. It never works. Dave rocks her and she's out. At preschool they rock her and she's asleep within 5 minutes. It just does not work for me.

 She picked a lemon and squeezed it in hot tea for Dave.
 She got her eye!!!

 She thinks the pool noodles are light sabers.

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