Saturday, May 28, 2016



 Daddy hugs after a shower!
 Ella picked out her clothes.

 Apparently socks go on your hands. But then you can't use the ipad with them on.
 Dave and I got lunch. Ella was at preschool.
 I started packing. Dave's shoes are so big!
Leaving school, there were snails. Ella loved it.

 Ella liked to sit next to daddy.
Ella's grandpap shaved his beard for her. Ella immediately saw it and called him Pap-Pap and then warmed up to him.  She was afraid of him in September mostly so shaving the beard was a good call. (As  you'll see in future posts, it was great when she saw him.)

Ella and daddy were coloring.

Ella liked her new backpack.

 She was practicing for the plane.

Ella really liked having her stuff in the backpack.

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