Friday, May 13, 2016

April 16-30 Outfits

 My belly is getting bigger! I wore black athletic pants in all the pics above! Not only are they not maternity but they are a little small.
The 2nd picture was a picture to show off my bump then later I realized there was an ice pack on my head.
I am wearing the coral jeans because Ella picked them out. She picked out what shirt to wear with it.  The striped shirt is fancy in the back but I didn't take a picture. It was from my friend, Jen, when she gave me a box of maternity clothes. This one still had the tag on it though!
 Ella picked out the coral jeans 2 days in a row.  In the 2nd daily picture she was squatting. She thought we were doing a squatting video I think.
Ella picked out the light blue top. She also picked out the coral jeans again. I swear they look more pink than they used to when I first got them.

I'm surprised I got dressed so many times.

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