Friday, June 17, 2016


Ella woke up early and unhappy. She woke up at 7 and she hasn't woken up that early in ages. She was also crying like crazy. She never does that anymore.  We cuddled a bit. She lied on me. Then we watched some videos on my phone.

She was very unhappy and screamed when she didn't get her way right away.

After we dropped Dave off, we went to the park. Ella took her shopping cart and 2 of her dolls. She enjoyed pushing them.

Ella was pretty good at first.  She even saw a balloon that was some other kids and she went over and returned it.  But after a little bit temper tantrums started.

We went for a walk with Kathryn after. Diana was supposed to walk but became an impromptu chaperone on a field trip.  Ella almost fell asleep in the stroller! We stopped at Kathryn house after to use the bathroom and then Ella ends up leaving with toys!

Ella found this computer and started using it so she got that too! I'm pretty sure I bought an identical one earlier on a buy/sell/swap facebook group.

We bought lunch at Jack in the Box. After some effort Ella fell asleep in the car.  It was a pretty long drive.  I went home and grabbed food and mailed a letter on the way to park in the school parking lot.

We parked in the school parking lot and she slept. I got out of the car at 3 and that sort of woke her so we headed in to preschool.  I was a room parent so I couldn't be late.
I was actually pretty shocked that Ella did ok with me being a room parent. We did swap inside versus outside so I wasn't with the paint the entire time.

It took us forever to leave.  Ella kept opening the door to go back into school.
Once we got home, Ella was just unhappy. She also kept getting into trouble!

I booked park for mom group event!
Even after dinner Ella was just bad!
Once Ella was in bed, I pigged out and texted friends.


  1. Oh those pigtails still get me every time! She's cuter every day.

    1. Thanks.
      She barely ever wears pigtails but she does wear barrettes more. And for working out she wants her hair "all up" like mine.

      She's also taken to losing 1 barrette a day at preschool though.