Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 I was still sick!

 Ella was still cute :)

She really likes her dolls. Notice 3 in her shopping cart.

Even though I was sick, I decided to craft a little with Ella. We made Dave a surprise gift. He got to rest while we were crafting so that was nice for him too. I asked Ella what she wanted it to say and I gave her suggestions like "Dad" because I didn't want to cut out the contact paper. She chose I love Daddy!

 That hand print at the top was all Ella!

 Dave liked his present. Ella picked the colors. She was so proud! (She is still very proud of it.)
 Then it was back to resting for me!

 Ella got a present in the mail.

 She got a big sister shirt!  Then she had to put the Little Brother shirt on her doll.

Ella ate her first helping of mashed potatoes really well then asked for more. She go ta little messy with the 2nd helping.

We went on a very very short walk. I felt like I was going to die.

 Ella found a bib and a hat so of course had to put them on!

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