Monday, July 18, 2016


Ella woke up at 5:13 crying. I cuddled her and she fell asleep on me. She'd cough and cry a bit here or there. I could tell she was getting sick.  When she woke up for good I asked her if something hurt. She nodded. I asked where and she lifted up her chin and pointed at her throat. Then she kept insisting she needed a bandaid. I asked her if she wanted to go to the doctor and she said yes.
I was coughing up a storm so had Dave make it. He didn't want to. He asked her if she wanted to go to the dentist and wanted to go here or there and she nodded for all of them. But I said to make it. I wasn't sure if she has what I have how to treat it with her.
We dropped Dave off at work and headed to a 9:50 appointment.
Ella was such a big girl getting on the scale, standing to be measured, and going to the room.
Then she put the oxygen thing on her finger so well. She even got her temperature taken in her mouth. (I think they should have done arm because 95.1 didn't seem right!)
The nurse gave her stickers she was so good. When the cupboard was open she asked for a lollipop. I asked how she even knew some were in there. I certainly didn't know. So then she got 2 lollipops, too.
The doctor came in and checked her ears and listened to her chest. Both were fine.  He looked in her throat. She did a good job saying "Ahh" that he was impressed.  He said Ella did not have any spots like I had but her throat was a tiny bit red.  He said it's likely she'll get what I have just because I have it.  I think I'll check her throat though to see. Hope it's not worse tomorrow!
We got donuts on the way home. I asked her how many she wanted and she said 2.  Then she wanted to eat them in the store.  She of course wanted two right then. She had 2 out but at least only ate 1.    She had fun saying hi or hello to everyone who came in. Some people said bye to her as they left. She liked it. She'd wave to them too.  This girl misses getting out of the house.

She wanted to go to the park. Luckily the park she wanted to go to was the one in our backyard. Then she wants to explore and find the snails. This makes my life more difficult since we don't have the pool fence up yet.

We went inside finally after a lot of making her go in. Then I offered her a donut for lunch. (The one she had at breakfast but didn't eat.)  She flipped out because she wanted 2!  Finally I gave in and gave her 2 because my head hurt from all my coughing.   She ate maybe 3/4 a donut but ate a tad from both.  We did a few things then called my dad on a hangout. She asked. I said 5 minutes then nap. So they talked 5 minutes. Her mood got so happy.  We went to the car for a ride to fall asleep. She was asleep within 10 minutes. (I did make her a deal that she naps and transfers to her bed and sleeps and then we go to the park. I think this helps her fall asleep better.)

This was all I wrote initially...
Poly cuddled with me during Ella's nap.
After Ella's nap, we played in the park in the backyard.

Near 8 PM we had food but no pictures after that so no idea what happened.

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