Thursday, July 14, 2016

May 2016 Exercise

I finally had 4 runs! I also ran for the first time in my new neighborhood. I ran 14.94 miles. If I would have realized it was so close to my monthly goal of 15 miles I would have ran more.  Also I was slacking so much at running that I forgot my goal and I didn't load my data from my Garmin onto my computer until June. So I guess it was hard knowing.  But this was the closest to my goal since January when I actually hit the goal.

I walked to the park, taught 2 bootcamps, went on 2 walks, went to a bootcamp at Divya's YMCA, did a 7-day plank challenge, cize, yoga, and went swimming a few times throughout the month.  I was impressed with how much I did after so long of being sick and not doing anything. I could tell I was way weaker though.

I make collages after every bootcamp but don't seem to share them here. Maybe I should compile them. I post them on facebook and it does motivate more people to come.

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