Sunday, August 28, 2016


Ella woke up at 6:20 and cried. This woke me up. She went back to sleep but of course I couldn't. Then at 7:08, I saw her sitting on her bed hitting her closet door. Then she went back to sleep.   She woke up at 7:20 for good.  Her OK to wake clock wasn't working and I realized it was 7 hours off!   We fixed it and changed the alarm to 7:30 and then when it turned green Ella was so happy.
We got ready and took Dave to work. Then headed to gymnastics. We were about 10 minutes early. Ella was pretty nervous waiting to start. She was practicing her warmups while she waited.  I have a separate post on the class.  Then we hurried home.   We got home about 10:10.  Then I had to start cleaning.
We had a Dance and Play party here starting at 10:15. Luckily nobody was right on-time. The first person showed up and I was still wiping off the kitchen table. Also Ella was snacking.

Total 5 or 6 kids showed up. Not everyone was here at one time. Ella did some dancing. She had fun. Lots of snacking happened, too.  Everyone was gone by 12:30.  I knew Ella was tired but she wasn't having any of it.
We talked to Magen on facetime for awhile. It started with facebook messaging then sending some sounds via facebook. Ella was so cute saying "Hi Magen.  She kept telling me no every time I said "Aunt Magen" so I guess I messed up so much now she thinks Aunt is wrong.
Finally I took her for a ride to get her to sleep. We had to drive so far to get her to sleep.  But she finally fell asleep!  But then I went to move her into house and she woke up and cried.

I rocked her back to sleep but then I couldn't move very well to get up. My shoulder is just too boney.   I ended up having her sleep on me for a half hour or more.  During that time Poly jumped in the crib so I just held her and figured I'd wait it out. But then Poly decided to go on my lap. Then I was really stuck. I kept trying to push Poly off me but she would get even more and more on me.

I finally got her into her bed.  Then I snacked, watched TV, and blogged.

She napped pretty long.  I enjoyed the break.
We ate. We did a google hangout with my parents.  We picked Dave up after 8 PM.

Since Ella napped late, she was in bed really late. She went to sleep around 10:20 and I went to sleep right after.

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