Monday, August 8, 2016

36 Weeks (8.7)

I put in 2 from 36 weeks instead of 1 and realized after that in both I had my hand on the top of my belly. You can see how the short is getting shorter and shorter and I try to tug it down before the pictures. 
Stephanie came over and we put together the dresser.  It took 5 hours. We had to redo 2 parts and also we had to work with Ella so that slowed the process. Also my numb leg and painful leg didn't help matters.
Ella had to be part of the photos but wouldn't just stand with me. Here are a few collages showing some of the pictures we took together.
I did 2 loads of laundry to wash baby clothes and they took forever to fold. We have 3/4 of the dresser already full with clothes. I have them organized by size except all the socks are together and then all the shoes are together. I did notice that some 6 month size shirts are twice as wide as others. Some are also many many inches shorter than others. So I will have to figure things out later.  I will need to find the onesie extender at some point.
The bouncer is out of the box and put together. It still needs batteries. The empty boxes are out of the closet so now the entire top shelf is empty so I actually have some storage. I need to move my old clothes/dressy clothes from the closet so there's at least a little bit of room for baby stuff to hang.   Things are finally progressing but we still aren't ready. The crib is not together.
The swing parts are handy so that will probably be put together too. Ella never liked the swing. I think because it was more lying down not sitting up. I wonder if this kid will like the swing.  Ella didn't really like the bouncer or the swing or anything like that. I see other babies liking those things so I know everyone is different. Ella never liked the ring sling because she had to have her legs frogged and she didn't like that.
I feel huge this time but then making the collage comparing it to last time, I don't really look huge. I don't know. I seem to be up higher last time a little.
I didn't really feel like doing my hair or putting on makeup but then I keep looking at all these pics and I wish I had.

Size of baby: Coconut, 18.7 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 6 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  40.0 lb gain overall. I gained 3.5 in the past week. I sure gain 3x as much each week as I'm supposed to.  I can't believe I hit 40 lbs already!  I knew I started my gain 3 lbs a week earlier than last time. With Ella I started 10 lbs heavier. It's looking like I might have a very similar end weight after this is all said and done. 

Maternity Clothes:  Since I don't work out, I wear maternity shorts daily. I sleep in non-maternity pants and the T-shirt Timmy gave me. I definitely need maternity clothes for day to day wear and still lots are getting too short. 

Movement: This kid won't stop moving and beating me up.

Sleep:  My sleep is crap. It hurts to lie on anything but the opposite side of the sciatica pain. Then I lie on my back at some point because the belly just seems so wide that it hurts lying on the side anyway. Then my back hurts on my back. Turning to get up to pee can cause a lot of pain. I get leg cramps. Sometimes I have to just reach down and bend my leg because my right leg is stuck straight and I cannot bend it and it hurts. I wake up to pee 1-3 times but I also think I just wake up because of pain and figure I better pee while I'm up so I'm not waking up at a new time to pee. 

What I miss: Running... the ability to eat lunch meat. Exercising in general.

Symptoms: My low back hurts a little but that's so mild compared to the sciatica pain. My plantar fasciitis is very bad.  The sciatica pain is on the left side for a few days then on the right side because of how the baby moves. I am getting lightheaded randomly sometimes. 

Best moment this week: Getting the dresser put together and washing baby clothes. I feel one step closer.

Looking forward to:  actually having this baby. (Not the birth process but like having a baby to hold.)

Exercise:  Shopping. Cleaning (a lot). That's probably it. Unless you count the exercises to try to get this baby to turn.

Same this time: I gain 3x what I should in a week! As I write this I'm wearing the exact same clothes and I am in the post last time where I'm doing the exercises to try to get Ella to flip.

Different from last time: Last time we got the preregistration thing back from hospital saying my paperwork arrived. I didn't even mail it in this time. Also last time when I was actually at the hospital they asked all the questions on the form anyway like they never had the form so I find it funny that they said they got it.  Last time I bought some newborn size clothes and mentioned pre-washing and also the seasons being messed up. The jacket I bought for Ella never did get worn. I know the footie PJs that were newborn also never fit her. Last time I was doing exercises to try to get Ella to flip from being breech and this time I don't have to worry about that. I was doing some exercises to try to get him to move off the sciatic nerve though.

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  1. You're getting so close!! I can't wait to see what he looks like and all that! Great job getting the dresser put together it looks good.