Sunday, August 28, 2016

39 Weeks (August 28)

I had my doctor appointment Wednesday. I signed the VBAC consent form. I learned you can't induce if you had a previous c-section. This means I have to schedule a c-section but can go into labor first.  The last day they will schedule it is for 41 weeks but then that's on a Sunday so she said it has to be earlier.  She told me her nurse would schedule it and tell me the time that day or the next day (both passed and I didn't hear from her though). I wasn't dilated at all yet.

If I don't go into labor first my c-section is scheduled for 9-9 at 7 AM.

More of the nursery is ready. Slowly little bits got done as the week went on. The pictures suck because after I took them I realized Ella got finger prints all over my lens. It's hard to believe that this is a lot more together than it was!

I don't like the anticipation of labor. Like WHEN will it start. AHH I don't like the multiple week window when it can happen.
This morning I was trying to find clothes that fit and also doing laundry so didn't want to put on my jean shorts. Dave commented asking if I was going to take a before picture. I wasn't but then when he said that I felt like I had to! I didn't do sports bra + shorts but did tank + shorts.  I also took measurements.
Size of baby: Mini Watermelon, 20 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 7.25 pounds.  The baby gains a half a lb a week. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained 1.1 lbs this week for 48.7 lbs overall. Earlier in the week I weighed more though.

Maternity Clothes:  Most maternity clothes don't fit. It's hard to have enough clothes to wear without doing laundry. Target ones are definitely longer than old navy ones. 

Movement: He moves a lot more in the evenings and you can tell he's getting bigger based on the body parts that start to move my skin all around.

Sleep:  I've napped a few times while Ella was at school and those 2 hour naps were pretty darn good. At night my sleep isn't so good. It's not as awful as it was with the sciatica pain though.

What I miss: I miss running. I miss hoagies from Jersey Mike's. I miss being able to turn over in bed without breathing heavy or without it being a big ordeal. I miss not having sciatica pain. I miss being able to walk normally.
Symptoms: My ankles actually got swollen a lot this week. Dave noticed weird bumps on my legs and I think it's just weird swelling. My low back hurts sometimes. Sciatica pain and then left leg pain and numbness. My blood pressure is higher. I want tons and tons of food lately but not sure that's considered a symptom. My nose randomly started bleeding at Trader Joe's on Friday. I still have a few acid burps. (But I did not have heart burn that I noticed.) I'm getting out of breath a lot. Going to the bathroom and getting back to bed and getting under the covers result in me being out of breath!

Best moment this week: Getting more maternity photos taken

Looking forward to:  Having a baby

Exercise:  I don't exercise for real but I feel like cleaning up was a bit of exercise because it kept triggering more pain so I know I was doing too much.

Same this time: Clothes not fitting even though they fit less this time.

Different from last time: I already had a baby last time at 39 weeks!


  1. Hard to believe you already had Ella at this point last time. I was the same way with Aurora. The little stinker was 5 days later than her brother. I hope baby is born soon!!!

    1. So many have told me that their 2nd came earlier than their first. So many others have said the opposite. I have yet to have a person tell me kid 1 was x days early and kid 2 was the same x days early!

      Ella measured early and was earlier than that. This one measured early and is later than that! (Well 1 of the 3 or so measurements said August 29 so I guess there's still time for that.)